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The Universal Communication Research Institute (UCRI) has been promoting research and development (R&D) and social implementation of technologies that can uplift the quality of communication by creating an AI research platform using high-quality, large-scale database mainly in Japanese and specialized for specific fields, with the aim to achieve universal communication and to establish mutual understanding among the people. The technologies include: multilingual communication technology which enables low-latency AI simultaneous interpretation that can be used in business scenes; data-driven intelligent communication technology which enables users to interact with virtual personalities based on their interests and backgrounds; and smart data analytics technology which enables real-world analysis and predictions by connecting public and private data. Some of the results of these R&D have been implemented into practical systems or made into databases and released to the public as open source or via industry-academia-government collaboration projects such as "Advanced LAnGuage INformation Forum (ALAGIN)." We also conduct licensing and joint field experiments with private companies to further promote social implementation of our R&D outcomes. We hope these activities would help remove the barriers of language, knowledge, and data utilization in global businesses, elderly care, environmental risk reduction, etc. and contribute to solving social issues and creating new values.


Research Institute
  • Advanced Speech Translation Research
    and Development Promotion Center
  • Data-driven Intelligent System
    Research Center
  • Big Data Integration Research Center
  • åAdvanced Reality Technology Laboratory