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Universal Communication Research Institute (UCRI)

UCRI is developing an AI R&D platform, and is promoting R&D and social implementation of the three core technologies (multilingual communication technology, data-driven intelligent communication technology, smart data analytics technology) that leverage the platform.

3-5 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0289, Japan
Tel: +81-774-98-6300

Advanced Speech Translation Research and Development Promotion Center (ASTREC)
・Advanced Speech Technology Laboratory・Advanced Translation Technology Laboratory

ASTREC promotes R&D of multilingual communication technology and industry-academia-government collaboration for its social implementation, with the goal of bringing about a world without language barriers, where people can interact globally at will.

3-5 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0289, Japan

Data-driven Intelligent System Research Center (DIRECT)

DIRECT develops natural language processing technology that makes it possible to automatically discover valuable combinations of information scattered in many places, and to automatically generate important hypothetical knowledge through the deep semantic analysis of large volumes of data, including the Web.

3-5 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0289, Japan

Big Data Integration Research Center (BDI)

BDI conducts research on and development of smart data analytics technology, to enable behavior support through real-world analysis and predictions that link data of various types from various fields.

4-2-1 Nukui-Kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan

Advanced Reality Technology Laboratory (ARTL)

Aiming at human communications that transcend the constraints of space, time and body, ARTL is conducting research and developing technologies to effectively convey the sense of reality and deepen mutual understanding among people.

3-5 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0289, Japan