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Realiziing universal communication for mutual undersranding.
"The 6th Automatic Translation Symposium" is scheduled to be held on Feb. 16, 2023 at THE GRAND HALL (Shinagawa, Tokyo). Dec. 20, 2022Event
An article about the demonstration of automatic "simultaneous interpretation" technology was published in The Mainichi Shimbun, The Shizuoka Shimbun, Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun, The Kochi Shimbun, and Yamagata Shimbun (Oct. 29); The Dempa Shimbun and The Kobe Shimbun (Nov. 1); and The Chugoku Shimbun and The Dempa Shimbun (Nov. 2). Nov. 2, 2022Media
The website has been renewed. Mar. 24, 2022News
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UCRI is developing an AI R&D platform, and is promoting R&D and social implementation of the three core technologies (multilingual communication technology, data-driven intelligent communication technology, smart data analytics technology) that leverage the platform.

Our Research

UCRI will create unique, top-class core technologies unbound by precedent and hone them into universal technologies with broad scope for use.


UCRI brings together the capabilities of industry, academia, and government, to develop and apply validations and practical systems that utilize our technologies, to work to achieve social implementations, and to acquire feedback for ongoing and future R&D projects.